Mr. Wind, Mr. FEAR and Me.


I’ve had a challenging moment, not sure if you remember that I’m training for 10k run, yea, yea I know it is a piece of cake but not for me… I decided for this training to change the time and run place path, when I was on my 2k my fears blew up allowing my thought’s talking to me, “I’m running on the street besides the cars I can be beat by one of them”, “this new path is too far, it’s getting dark, what if I can not make it”, “the running thing is not for me”… my heart started pumping and my body was full of fear, oh! That “place” was the most horrible moment, I felt like I was walking in a dark path without knowing the exit. Scary!.

Suddenly the weather change, Mr. Wing appears, it was like doing a pressure against me I had to put more effort on my pace, the wind was so strong that I could hear it saying “STOP LISTENING to YOUR FEARS INEASTED TRY TO BEAT ME” it blew dust and tiny rocks on to my eyes (yes, I’m not kidding), trying push me back like a leaf,

at the same time Mr. Wind dried all my sweaty body with compassion.

I took his challenge starting with a faster run accepting my fears and dropping my thoughts… We ran together, Mr. Wind besides me, Mr. Fear behind me until I reached my final destination.

Are you afraid of not being able to reach……….your final destination?

Could be there many ways in which you might be afraid but let’s figure out how to jump out from it.

  1. Check your “reality”, what makes you feel fear in my case it was a new path and lack of training.
  2. Embrace your fears, accepted that Mr. Fear is there to protect you like an obsessive mother who doesn’t want you jumping on the trampoline because she is scared that an accident might happen.
  3. You’ve always got the control, you’re the only one who can drive your life, Mr. Fear is not allowed to control anything not even a piece of your thoughts.
  4. Use Mr. Fear to motivate you, this is for people who are brave enough, Are you ready to ride the roller-coaster? Even if the experience or outcome is not the one that you expected.
  5. Be your own Guinea pig, go for it baby! How can you know of what you are capable enough? How do you know if you are not doing anything or not enough, Feel the elixir pleasure when you move one step forward.
  6. Celebrate the moment, jump like crazy to celebrate, share with your BF, dance like a Latin, don’t forget that you deserve it!!
  7. Remember you’re amazing!

If you find this valuable, inspiring and the most important it can help someone else so please share it.

Splash good things to others!

Let’s see what life has for us!

With love




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