Powerful “World” inside a Kid.

I had the opportunity to be present at the FOBISIA Games for three days, what is it about? The Federation of British International Schools in Asia, its overall aim of the Federation is to promote excellence in good British-style education schools, and to provide opportunities for inter-school competitions.

The games involved athletics, swimming, Tee-ball and football with kids between 8 to 11 years old.

When I was sitting there as a spectator my emotions raised up by seeing those kids how they behaved, how they encouraged each other, was for me a really nice experience.

I couldn’t stay away and I decided to interview a wonderful kid, his name is Chris who won 7 medals but I am not focusing on the medals I was more focused on knowing more about what is inside those kids that make them to behave the way they do.


Hello Chris, how are you?

Fine thanks.

You know Chris, I am wondering why the kids behaved the way they did during the FOBISIA tournament, I was asking myself how those kids find courage within themselves to take part on these kind of tournaments, how do you find it?

Well, first of all my mum always tries to encourage me to do my best, I believe that practicing very hard will help you to improve, if you win it means that you practiced harder than others and if you lose it means that others practiced more than you.

What is the reason for your love on doing sports?

My mum kind of encouraged me to go to sporting tournaments, she believes it will help me a lot and I like doing it as well.

When you are in the moment to start a competition what kind of thoughts or feelings do you have?

Sometimes I have the feeling that I want a win and also mmm I feel that probably I don’t.

If I don’t win is ok.

 Wow, interesting, so what did you say to yourself when you don’t win?

They train more than me, they deserved to win and I am happy for them.

What do you do when you have to go to train and you feel lazy?

It’s a hard question, I think there are different levels of laziness, if I am really lazy I try to think that I want to retreat my own record.

I see that you are a kid aware of your feelings…

I guess my parents told me first and now I am saying to myself, sometimes I am aware of my feelings and sometimes I am not, hahaha.

Yes it’s true, we are not always aware of them… What do your parents say to you to encourage you?

I love them, my father is giving me advice and my mother is always encouraging me to do my best.

If you have a magic wand what would you ask for?

Maybe I would change my mind later but for now I really want to grow up and go to a sport university.

Besides the medals what do you gain from this experience?

I feel proud of myself, I enjoyed it too much and I am gaining experience.

What made you happy?

I really enjoy playing with my friends.

If you can give some advice to another kid, what would you say to them?

My friends ask me how I am good at sports, I tell them “you can do it too if you train hard enough”.

What is the meaning of hard enough for you?

Hard enough is different for other people, for me means train constantly, all the things that you want to do in any field you need to be focus on it.

If you want to go and play with your friends my mum says its ok just make sure to come back and train.

Sometime there are two ways “you also want train and you also want to play” and when “you don’t want to train and you want to play”

When you also want to play and also want to train, this is the harder one for me, just to have to see how to split it to connect later, if you decide to go play just tell yourself that you will come back to train, promise yourself.

And when you don’t want to train and you want to play, mmm, I feel that you need to train first because you don’t go back to train because you don’t want train so you will have those days so take the decision and train.

What would be your last recommendation to another kid?

I had a lack of training for a period of time because training gets boring and you need to find how to overcome it.

Awesome, and How to overcome it?

Maybe if you stop and you don’t want to do any more find something else do you like to do or maybe try and see if you want to come back.

Chris I really enjoy this conversation with you, was really amazing, thanks.

For all those kids who are reading this is important believe in you which ever thing you want to do:

  • Do it with your heart and soul.
  • Do not accept negatives thoughts keep them out of your mind.
  • Work on the small steps first.
  • If it doesn’t work as you want try a second time, and the third time you will learn from it.
  • As Chris say “you can do it too if you train hard enough”.
  • And remember you own the machinery to create everything that you want.

I always get amazed by seeing the potential inside of the kids it’s a wonderful and healthy world.



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