When my passion becomes a health problem.

Working with people inside the organization maximizing together their potential is one of my passions, I need to figure out every day what I can do to do my work better in benefit of those inside of and for the organization, how can I add value to them, sometimes for me it’s not easy and then the stress goes up blocking my health, stopping me on my duties.Talking in base of my experience I found the follow tips are making me feel better:

  • Detect your blind spot.

I learned that when I am reaching those levels, I recognize my blind spot which means when I say “I am not under stress” and my body is talking to me with headache, dizziness, bad humour, etc.  I immediately know that I need to see myself realistically, what is possible to do and what is not possible to do, what I will keep in stand by and what I will work on.

  • Do exercise. WarriorBoxing

Boxing has been the tool to release all the stress plus 15 minutes of meditation. I am not an expert in boxing neither in meditation. My main reason is to work with those to find my self-connection and peace. I know Boxing sounds aggressive for those who are not used to it, I thought the same thing 7 years ago when I started doing this training, I was carrying my own fears about it, “how would my skinny body be able to do boxing” if that wasn’t enough some “friend” mentioned the same thing to me fortunately I have a really good friend that encouraged me to try it, I never forget her words, because of her, I love to do boxing. Boxing is my must do, now I am living away from Mexico and I found a nice group called “WARRIOR BOOT CAMP”.

Every punch, is a stress relieve.

Every joke with the others, enhances my spirit.

Every exercise challenges me to do an extra effort and my mind to be focused.

  • Attitude

When I am feeling stressed, sad, worried, I know that I need to find something to enhance my positive attitude, listening to my favourite music, saying silly things, Laughing about myself and thanking life (God) for what I have now, all those help me to move on  from that stage  to a more balanced stage. Well those are my workable things to do to prevent my Passion from becoming my health problem, find your strategy and prevent it. If you want to know more on how to manage stress go to Help Guide. Org, it is a trusted mental health heling guide and a well-being, http://www.helpguide.org/articles/stress/stress-management.htm



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