Brave enough to articulate your thoughts.

What is inside of an Entrepreneur.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Waldemar Zeiler one of the Einhorn’s German founders, consider himself as a capitalist, he and his colleagues are running a condom internet business with the main goal “do a better job ourselves”.

What is Einhorn?

It’s vision is to produce a fair & sustainable condom and reinvesting 50% of the profits in non-profit projects, like sexual education and fairstainable rubber standards.

What makes you move to run Einhorn?

WaldemarI have been capitalist all my life and entrepreneur but looking myself no satisfied I want to do differently, so just being from my logical point of view more money doesn’t make you happy and the way of business is done leads to bad environment, is for my logical point of view to say “we have to do differently”, why should I work like crazy destroy environment and earns much money… Is more about business concept after working couple years in ventures capitals and so on, I have the picture on my 80’s sitting down with my grand childrens on my lab asking me, what have you do to improving?

We have the responsibility to do things differently

What kind of passion lead you to start?

Passion = when a thought become a business

My biggest passionate is setting things up, just sit here on the table and have an idea thinking through and then start thinking on a brand name and then start thinking on people and the curve going when you really start from some thoughts at the table to start a company.

We just come up with that name a couple months earlier now we have a brand company, everything start going, for everyone else is normal and for me I just came up when the idea… that’s I really liked when a thought become a business.

How you challenge Negatives thoughts?

Deal with negative thoughts and be passionate

If you analyse all the risk involved, if you are really relational for all the risk analysis you won’t start the business because is creasy and you know many problems coming up.

I think most of entrepreneurs are risk takers, is a game, maybe I am going lost most of the time, I need just win one, win one on ten.

Is a game, don’t take so serous, just see as a game, deal with it and be passionate.

What do you recommend for those who wants become entrepreneur?

Be brave enough to articulate your thoughts

Be brave enough to articulate your thoughts, start as soon as possible in the business, don’t take too serious, take it as experience and be free spirit, reduce your problems don’t have worries, house, mortgage, car, etc and that space use to develop your mind.


Sharing my thoughts about this interview, besides enjoying too much I can confirm again that we are so powerful to become real any thought, when we have a thought coming from our “bones” you will be able to create it in your real life.

As Waldemar said:

  1. Be brave enough to articulate your thoughts.
  2. Deal with negative thoughts and be passionate.
  3. Be responsible and do differently.

Reflect in your values, apply them in your dreams, What are you planing to do to be successful in your dreams?



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